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You’re Ready?

Let’s get started!

Just follow the seven simple steps below and you're done!

01. Make it your own!

Add your cover image and logo, customise the colours, change the descriptions, and re-order the default list of vendors


So that when you share your link with your couples, it shows your own website, rather than app.weddingworkflows.com

03. workflow integration

Now let's integrate that link into your workflow by first creating an email template in your CRM and then adding it into your automated workflow.

email templates


See what the experience is like for your couples; creating an event and then painlessly entering in the vendor details of their wedding.

05. Link, Tag and email those vendors!

Now effortlessly copy and paste that vendor information in the perfect format for linking on your website, tagging on insta posts & stories, and sending a bulk email.

06. Maintaining your vendor list

A global database is only as good as the quality of its data. This video takes you through how you can add, edit, and remove the vendor details in your list.


Add it to your home screen

Just a little bonus tip showing how to add the website to your Home Screen on your iPhone so that you can access those vendor details on the fly.

where to next?

Email Templates

Hey %client_name%!

Please help me collect the details of all of your wonderful suppliers who have worked hard turning your dream into a reality.

I can then be sure to acknowledge them by sharing the photos of their beautiful work with them after the wedding (to avoid them bothering you with it) and tagging them in socials.

Please let me know before the wedding if there is anyone you’d prefer I didn’t share the photos with.

Can you please click the link below to fill out the details of your Dream Team. I’ve tried to make the process as painless as possible for you, so if the vendor’s details are already in my database, you’ll just have to start typing the business name and the rest of the fields will populate for you 🤙


Thank you so much, %client_name%!



Your couples


Vendor Details


The Vendors


They're ready! [ENTER COUPLE'S NAMES]'s Wedding Photos 📸 | [YOUR BUSINESS NAME]

Hey Team!

I want to start by sending a mad shoutout to everyone involved in [ENTER COUPLE'S NAMES] wedding. They had a truly kickass day and it couldn’t have happened without everyone involved.

I’m sure you’ve been hanging to see the photos from the day, and the good news is, they’re ready!


If you don’t mind, I just wanted to request a few ground rules for their usage.

  1. Please use these lovingly and freely on your socials, I have already taken the liberty of getting permission from the couple to share them with you for this purpose. Go nuts!
  2. Screenshots and filters are a no-no. You’ve got the ability here to download the photos in web ready resolution, these will look a lot better on your socials than screenshots. Trust me 😉
  3. Lastly, I just ask that you please tag the wonderful team that made it all happen 🙌. To help share the love, I’ve provided the links to everyone’s instagram handles below in a way that’s hopefully practical enough for you to just copy and paste straight into your post.


If anyone had a particularly good experience with me and would love to let other couples know all about it, I would be SO appreciative of a review. You are in the unique position to offer invaluable insight as you have been a part of so many weddings. I will always return the favour 🥰

You can leave a google review here [<--MAKE THAT A LINK]

Or a Facebook review here [<--MAKE THAT A LINK]

Wishing you all beer and skittles until we get the chance to work together again!