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Virtual Assistants for Wedding Pros

Ever wondered how some business owners get so much done?

.... it's because they don't do everything themselves.

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Trusted by wedding businesses all over the world...

Here's the reality

If you are still doing tasks that a VA could be doing for you, then you are working for their wage

Think about it...would you rather make $7.50/hour or $500/hour?

How much is your time worth?

Which kind of tasks can a VA help me with?

Social Media Management

Creating content for your Instagram, reaching out to new follows or finally starting that Pinterest account!

Lead Nuturing

Don't leave your couples waiting, let your VA manage your leads and send follow ups to avoid the dreaded ghosting.

Wedding Workflow

Say goodbye to creating timelines, sending reminders, collecting vendor details, creating slideshows and sharing links with all vendors.


Your VA can blog every wedding and create informative and localised content so you get in front of more couples and boost your SEO.

Virtual Assistants for photographers

Album Design

Pass over the painful task of album design and all of those revisions off to your VA and start increasing your album sales

Virtual Assistants for photographers

Admin Tasks

Don't waste your one precious and beautiful life managing your inbox or doing bank reconciliations. Leave it to your VA.

What's it like to have a Virtual Assistant?

Peta has her VA for 10 hours per week

So it's a life changing impact for me, but what about my VA?

When you come on board with us, it doesn't just immensely benefit you and your business, but know that you are improving the quality of life and standard of living of your VA.

Our retention rate speaks for itself and our recruitment is mostly through our current VAs raving about their job to their friends and family.

What our VAs love about working with you...

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant




I'm always more inclined to do things behind the scenes. Helping people manage their tasks and shrink their backlogs satisfy that need, and I'm happy I can also be part of their success. I love the feeling of being able to contribute to the team's objectives with my research and productivity.

Working in Wedding Workflows has not only given me a lot of learning opportunities but it has also allowed me to cultivate friendships with my clients and my fellow VAs. It's so refreshing to work in a company where our well-being is consistently prioritized and our opinions are always heard!

What I love about working with my wonderful clients is the opportunity to make their lives easier and contribute to the growth of their businesses. I really enjoy being part of the creative process and bringing my own ideas to the table. There's a special satisfaction in playing a role that makes someone's wedding day truly memorable.

REad more of our va experiences

Getting a VA has allowed me to shoot over 100 weddings a year

Virtual Assistants for Wedding Photographers

"I was burnt out shooting 30 weddings a year. Then I realised this is madness! I needed help.

As soon as I got my VA, I was spending my time either shooting more weddings or I was enjoying time off with my family and friends.

Earn more. Work less. It was a no brainer."

Virtual Assistant


Are you ready to save time, increase your revenue and scale up your business?

Say hello to the most affordable, fool-proof investment in both your biz and your mental happiness... Your new Virtual Assistant (a.k.a. lifesaver).

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How it Works

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Once your VA has access to your accounts, your to-do list, and starts working, you’ll have more free time than ever before! Plan a weekend getaway, catch up with your mates or start tackling other biz opportunities - less stress, more freedom...happy days.

We'll interview multiple applicants, run background checks and find a perfect VA match. Successfully located, we’ll train your VA, introduce you both and walk you through the process of creating a successful relationship.

It’s way more fun than it sounds. Think of it as a casual sesh where we discuss your goals and brainstorm which tasks should be outsourced. This will help you get the most value out of your Virtual Assistant.

Taking on my full-time VA has been the most rewarding experience of my career so far!

I am hardly a perfect business owner, but together in these last 9 months we've already achieved so much more than I ever would've been able to do on my own. Lawrence is basically running our side business, The Livestream Team, on his own, and even replying to our Bottlebrush emails which has unchained me from the day-to-day and allowed me to spend my hours doing those projects that I always hoped to get to 'one day'.

Andrew Fenaughty - Bottlebrush films

outsource your socials

Not ready to take on a VA yet but still want to try outsourcing?

check out our pay-per-use social packs!

social packs


Will this erase my current workflow?

Will this only work for new weddings?

No, all we do is create new email templates, questionnaires and workflows so it will not disrupt anything you already have. If there's anything in your current workflow that would love to add into your new one, that's very easy to do.

No, you can apply the workflow to existing weddings. Even weddings this week will benefit from the email sequence and follow up afterward. You can even apply the Review template and Follow Up questionnaire to past weddings.

I'm such a potato with tech. Can you help me customise it?

What if I can't relate to the way you write?

We understand that even installing everything for you, you will still need to go through and customise certain sections of the emails. So we also offer an onboarding service to help streamline this for you if you need it. Just fill in the answers and we'll do the rest.

This is definitely a possibility as we are all so wonderfully unique. Fortunately, what the workflow provides is structure, planning, and showing up for your couples. So even if you have to go through and change the tone of the emails, you will still be benefiting from all of the feedback I've received and my years of crafting the right information at the right time, in the most easy to use format.

VA Task Guide

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