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Are those humdrum, eye-ball twitching admin tasks draining your life? Our heaven-sent Virtual Assistants are here to rescue your sanity, freeing you to scale your business.

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Are you suffering from superhero syndrome?

You have a superpower!

As a wedding creative, running your own business, you’re probably already incredibly blessed with entrepreneurial superpowers. You can:

• Start and run a business by yourself

• See opportunities where others can’t

• Morph into all the roles your business needs you to be.

• Teach yourself anything you need to learn.

• Save costs across the board by learning and doing things yourself.

You're amazing!

But there reaches a point where those superpowers start to work against you.

• You want to do everything yourself, so the more you grow, the more is on your plate

• If there’s money to be saved in doing something yourself, you’ll do it rather than getting help

• If you don’t know how to do something, you’ll try to teach yourself rather than finding an expert

• Your business is your baby, and you can’t trust anyone else to be in charge of any part of it

If you are successful, you will very quickly reach a point of burnout.

• You’ll realise how much of your time your business has taken over.

• You’ll probably find yourself a slave to your phone and computer.

• There might be friction in your family or in your relationships as you’re constantly needing to please the social algorithms and struggle to detach from your mounting list of tasks.

• Maybe you’ve tried to outsource before but no one did it as well as you so you’ve given up.

Ultimately, you’re just working for your business, not on your business and your growth will stagnate.

You’re at the point of decision.

You can either continue down the path you’ve already been travelling, or you can choose the road less travelled.

The path of least resistance will probably result in getting the same outcomes you’ve always achieved. But if you want something different to happen, if you want to change the direction of your business and finances, you’re going to have to do something different, to make a choice and pursue a new outcome.

Here's the reality

If you are still doing tasks yourself that could be easily outsourced to a VA, then you are working for their wage

Think about it...would you rather make $7.50/hour or $500/hour?

Time is money. It’s your call to make.

You can't take on any more work at this rate, so you do one of three things:

You don't do as much as you could or should be doing for your couple

• You don't do as much as you could or should be doing for your business


• You turn down work in order to stay on top of your workload!

The #1 mistake burnt-out wedding creatives keep making

Saying "No" to the premium rate you can charge for your zone of genius, (as a photographER, celebrant, videographer etc) so that you can do tasks that someone else could do FOR YOU at a fraction of the rate is MADNESS

Taking on my full-time VA has been the most rewarding experience of my career so far!

I am hardly a perfect business owner, but together in these last 9 months we've already achieved so much more than I ever would've been able to do on my own. Lawrence is basically running our side business, The Livestream Team, on his own, and even replying to our Bottlebrush emails which has unchained me from the day-to-day and allowed me to spend my hours doing those projects that I always hoped to get to 'one day'.

Andrew Fenaughty - Bottlebrush films

How investing in a VA can blow up your wedding business

Shoot more, create more

Are you limiting the number of weddings you can do due to burnout? It doesn't make sense to put a cap on your biggest source of revenue because of tasks you could have simply outsourced.

spread your business like wildfire

Are you doing enough to attract your dream clients? Make it impossible to ignore you by hanging out where they are. Your VA can boost your exposure and maximise your outreach, reeling in those leads.

Earn more from every wedding

If you aren’t religiously promoting your prints and album sales, you’re leaving money on the table - start scaling up your income via upsells! Your VA can design mockups, create designs and handle revisions so your couples can visualise your beautiful products.

Let's make this real simple

If hiring a Virtual Assistant meant saving time and making more money, wouldn’t it be 10000% worth it?

Think about the daydreams and goals you had when you first started your biz. Whether it’s shooting more epic weddings, hitting six figures or spending more time with your kids, hiring a VA to slash your to-do list is a no-brainer.

With full-time VA rates from $7.50/hour, you’d make your ROI back in just ONE album sale.

VA = ↑ Income + ↑ Time + ↑ Sanity

"Since bringing a VA into my business my couples have been more supported and I’ve gotten time back to both spend with my family and work ON my business.

Surprise surprise my revenue has grown, I’m less stressed and can see so many more opportunities because I’m not chasing my tail constantly doing tasks that my VA can do better than me."

Your VA can help you with all this...and MORE


Post wedding workflow

The bane of every time-poor creative’s existence, keeping up with the socials can be downright exhausting and a huge time sink. Did you know you DON’T have to do all the things yourself?

From building highlight stories to designing beautiful carousels, posting to pinterest, tagging vendors - the works - let your VA take responsibility for your routine social media agenda. *Phew*

After a long day of shooting, all you want to do is leave your computer uploading your images into Lightroom, hit the bed to catch up on the ZZZs then pick a few sneak peaks in the morning.

While you reward yourself with some much-needed YOLO self-care, your superstar VA can start building your slideshow and gallery. Whipping up a blog and a few social posts, they’ll take charge of sharing your latest shoot with your couple and the vendors. Easy done!

Album design

Your couple is still flying high on their newlywed status and they’re clearly OBSESSED with your work. Strike while the iron’s hot - catch them while they’re most excited by sending an album design ASAP and offering them a 20% off discount if they order within 30 days. Totally logical, right?!

Your wonderful VA can help you design the album, handle the revisions and send out those product sales emails while you’re chilling with the fam. If done right, these album sales alone will more than cover your VA’s monthly invoice.

So much more

Whatever your demands may be, we can help you find the perfect VA for the role. They’re a seriously talented bunch, otherwise known as heaven-sent admin angels.

Building timelines, bank reconciliations, researching ideas, submitting weddings to publications, sending out press releases, booking podcast interviews, messaging new followers, following up emails...the list is endless.


Outsourcing has allowed me to shoot over 100 weddings a year

"I used to think I couldn't shoot more than 30 weddings or I'd get burnt out. Then I finally realised that was madness. There are 365 days of the year and I was limiting myself to shooting on just 30 of them.

I had a workflow problem.

As soon as I started outsourcing, I had time to earn more. Yes, my expenses increased, but the difference in income was ten times what I was spending on outsourcing. It was a no brainer."

Virtual Assistant


Are you ready to save time, increase your revenue and scale up your business?

Say hello to the most affordable, fool-proof investment in both your biz and your mental happiness... Your new Virtual Assistant (a.k.a. lifesaver).

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How it Works

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FREE 1:1


Once your VA has access to your accounts, your to-do list, and starts working, you’ll have more free time than ever before! Plan a weekend getaway, catch up with your mates or start tackling other biz opportunities - less stress, more freedom...happy days.

We'll interview multiple applicants, run background checks and find a perfect VA match. Successfully located, we’ll train your VA, introduce you both and walk you through the process of creating a successful relationship.

It’s way more fun than it sounds. Think of it as a casual sesh where we discuss your goals and brainstorm which tasks should be outsourced. This will help you get the most value out of your Virtual Assistant.

outsource your socials

Not ready to take on a VA yet but still want to try outsourcing?

check out our pay-per-use social packs!

social packs


Will this erase my current workflow?

Will this only work for new weddings?

No, all we do is create new email templates, questionnaires and workflows so it will not disrupt anything you already have. If there's anything in your current workflow that would love to add into your new one, that's very easy to do.

No, you can apply the workflow to existing weddings. Even weddings this week will benefit from the email sequence and follow up afterward. You can even apply the Review template and Follow Up questionnaire to past weddings.

I'm such a potato with tech. Can you help me customise it?

What if I can't relate to the way you write?

We understand that even installing everything for you, you will still need to go through and customise certain sections of the emails. So we also offer an onboarding service to help streamline this for you if you need it. Just fill in the answers and we'll do the rest.

This is definitely a possibility as we are all so wonderfully unique. Fortunately, what the workflow provides is structure, planning, and showing up for your couples. So even if you have to go through and change the tone of the emails, you will still be benefiting from all of the feedback I've received and my years of crafting the right information at the right time, in the most easy to use format.

VA Task Guide

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