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Wedding days are the result of a massive effort by SO many businesses and the individuals behind them. They deserve to be emailed, tagged, and linked.

The problem is, it's just such a headache to get all of those details and do the emailing, tagging and linking.

Why Vendor Details?


Check out these features

Online Database for your couples

To make filling out their vendor details as painless as possible.

Your couples just need to type the business name, and the rest will auto-populate.


Streamlined Workflow for you!

Hold my beer 🍺

Website, Instagram and Email vendor details done in 15 secs.


Standalone Online App

So it will work on any computer

What else?

custom domain

So your couples will see

customizable colors

To match your branding

Integration with your current workflow couldn't be easier




Copy this link

Create Automated 'vendor details' email and paste the link

Receive vendor details via email and in the app dashboard

It really is that easy!


Are all vendor details already in the database?

I'm not a photographer, can I still use the app?

As soon as one person manually enters in the details of a vendor, and they are confirmed, they will be in the global database. So the next time someone starts typing in the same business name, the rest of the details will auto-populate.

Yes! In fact, you can even arrange the default order of vendors so that your vendor type is the first in the list.

Can I use my own branding colours?

How long will the app be free?

Yes you can! You can choose the background, heading, button and text colours. You can also upload your own header image and logo. We also provide the instructions on how to create a custom domain, so that the URL you send your couples still points to your website.

While it was an investment to build and requires ongoing development costs to implement upgrades based on user requests, we want to keep the app free while the database is building to include more and more vendors around the world.

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