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The Simple Honesty

Crucial points to understand before you book a call



Your VA can't build your business alone

A Super VA does not exist

It's a journey you and your VA must go through together. You get out what you put in and it will require you to make the time to create procedures of exactly how to perform a task. This will liberate you, however, from ever doing that task again.

General VAs are experts at taking those procedural tasks off your plate. These are tasks that can be performed with step by step instructions. They are not professional web developers, SEO experts, graphic designers, retouchers all in one.

You will have more time for your own emails


Your VA is not a professional copywriter


Your VA will have no problem sending out templated email responses you've written that follow a procedure. However, they do not know your business like you and therefore can not 'answer all your emails'

Your VA is fantastic at following a procedure of creating blogs of photos combined with pulling information from your CRM of vendor lists and blog answers from your clients. What they are not, is pro wordsmiths who know your business and industry better than you. They will not be writing articles.


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