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We are terribly sorry, but due to the recent 2FA introduction for Pic-Time logins from different locations, it is no longer practical for us to access your account to install your workflow.

We are hoping to produce a detailed, instructional video on our pic-time workflow in the future.

We thank you so much for your interest!

Pic-Time Wedding Workflow

earn more every wedding with

The Pic-Time Wedding Workflow

Post wedding sales are the lowest hanging fruit to raise your income per wedding. Let us save you the hard work of setting up and integrating Pic-Time's sales automations so you can start earning more with the click of a button.


Pic-Time Wedding Workflow


You know you could be getting more out of those Pic-Time automations, but you haven't set them up, right?

I get it! Don't worry, that's everyone.

It has taken me a long time, through much trial and error and long zoom chats with Pic-Time support to get this workflow to where it is now. All the hard work is done for you. It's time to leverage Pic-Time's full potential to earn the easiest money you can make shooting weddings.

This works for you if:

you believe in your products

Does it baffle you to think about how tiny the percentage of photos you take actually get printed, admired and loved? Give your couples every opportunity to enjoy your work every day of their lives.

it strains your brain to set up your own workflow

So many options, each with their own long list of settings. Let us remove the guess work, mistakes and trial and error by cutting right to the chase of what gets results.

you like earning more money

Does the idea of generating more income per wedding with just the click of a few buttons sound good to you? It should! Sales automation is the easiest way I've found to raise your revenue per wedding, while delivering an even better service.

Chris Garbacz Studio Ninja Founder and CEO

This is what Studio Ninja Founder, Chris Garbacz has to say

"Rick's workflow is hands down the best I've seen on my platform for wedding photographers. He's using our software in a way that maximises what it's designed for - saving time while taking care of your clients and of yourself."

What You'll Get


We will install and set up the 7 killer automated campaigns and coupons directly into your Pic-Time account that will supercharge your post wedding sales workflow.


You will receive access to a training course where I will walk you through everything you need to know about each automation, how to use them and when.

Email templates

Each automation comes complete with our own custom email templates, pre-installed into your workflow. Feel free to go over them yourself and insert your own voice, but these are ready to go.


Let your couples visualise just how amazing your products will look in their homes and in their hearts with our gorgeous custom images that will automatically load photos from your couples' gallery into the products themselves.

i NEED this


Pic-Time Wedding Workflow

Saving you the heartache of painstaking, sanity-destroying guesswork, this Pic-Time wedding workflow has everything you need to start raining post-wedding sales. Install, explore and kick ass.


• thank you cards
• album $400 off coupon
• usb box coupon


• Rolling publish
• abandoned cart
• anniversary gift
• existing gallery backup

All for:


$490 USD

Our 'Love your new Workflow or your Money Back, No Hassle, 90 Day Guarantee'

The Pic-Time Wedding Workflow comes with a 90 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

• You will make more print sales thanks to these tried and tested automations.

• You will pay off the investment in this workflow in no time.

• Your new workflow will save you a mountain of time from needing to learn from experience and set it all up yourself, all in one painless installation directly into your Pic-Time account that is done for you.

You will be over the moon with what we've done for you or we will make it right. Guaranteed.

There's a good reason the Pic-time wedding Workflow is considered the best there is.

"I take your business very seriously and you have my personal promise.

If you feel that we have not transformed your Pic-Time sales workflow from a dusty road collecting tumbleweeds into a kickass sales machine raising your revenue per wedding from just a few button clicks, just tell us at and we'll give you a complete refund.

If you aren't satisfied. We refuse to keep your money.

Just to be clear, There are absolutely no strings attached. No forms to fill out. Nothing to prove. We'll even let you keep the workflow. That's how confident I am in this product."

Wedding Workflows App


Included with every Workflow is access to the NEW...

Vendor Details App!

Are you asking your couples to fill out all these details of their Vendors?

• Business Name

• Website

• Instagram Handle

• Email Address


How can I solve that?

With an Online Database 🤓

So your couples just need to type the business name, and the rest will auto-populate.


Alright, that's sick. But what does it do for me?

Hold my beer 🍺

Website, Instagram and Email vendor details done in 15 secs.


Standalone Online App

So it will work on any computer

What else?

custom domain

So your couples will see

customizable colors

To match your branding

Are you struggling to make post-wedding sales?

Are you spending all this time and energy taking and delivering photos that never get printed?

Have you tried setting up some automations but the settings just do your head in?

If you’ve decided you’ll get this one day, better to get it today and get it working for you, supercharging your income per wedding NOW.

Oli Sansom

"this workflow will pay for itself the very first time one of your couples interacts with it"

"As freelance or studio photographers, there’s only becoming more and more heavy demands on our time. Keeping up with Instagram reels, vendor relationships, website updates and more - and the list isn’t getting any smaller. And somewhere in there, it’s becoming more important to elevate the level of care we give to our current clients.

Workflow is a huge part of that, and  Rick has done us all a favour and made a Studio Ninja workflow that frankly, blew my socks off. And I suspect the echo of it’s brilliance will blow tomorrows off as well. Socks be damned. This workflow has not only quadrupled my individual client touch-points, but its reduced the time that I need to spend setting them up and making them feel safe, to a fraction of what I was spending before. Not only that, but the custom workflows made for every type of couple that you can imagine, speaks directly to them.

Rick is some mad stroke of genius, and this workflow will pay for itself the very first time one of your couples interacts with it. Thanks mate!"

Oli Sansom

Briars Atlas / Melbourne, Australia

The Process




we install the workflow

SHARE ACCESS TO YOUR Pic-time acc0unt


We’ll install all the automated campaigns and coupons, re-writing the emails, uploading the custom images and adjusting all the settings. So you don’t have to waste time figuring things out.

Once you’ve purchased the workflow, you'll be sent to a step-by-step guide on how to set up LastPass to allow us to access your account without seeing your password. If 2FA is enabled, we will need you to verify the login.

It’s ready - Yewww! Customise the email templates to your heart’s delight by adding your personal flair, have a poke around and adjust whatever else you see fit. Cheers to happy days, down a drink or two.




Ashleigh Haase

James Hirata

Ana Galloway

Absolute Game changer!
Thank you so much for creating this epic piece of wizardry!
I Thought of my business as having a pretty sweet client workflow, but Rick’s super juiced up workflow put mine to shame! Pay the money people, it’s worth every cent.

What the actual fricken heck. Speechless.

This is fucking golden, especially for new photographers. You are literally turning any workflow from an uneducated and robotic piece of poo to hero.

Please charge more, A$AP.

What the heck man. Too good!!

This is saving me countless hours of late nights doing emails. I’d probably be dead under a ton of admin to do after the pandemic, if it wasn’t for this.

This is nuts!

Anyone can improve their client journey using The Ultimate Studio Ninja Workflow.

I've shown you that it works for me, works for others and it will work for you too.

You know that with the 90 days, no way to lose, money back guarantee, you are 100% completely protected and safe.

Here's what you and I both know:

Your couples will go on a client journey with you and they will certainly arrive.

The question is, where?

That's your decision to make,

right now.

Ready to level up?

Let’s do it

I can’t wait to automate my print sales and start raising my revenue the easiest way POSSIBLE

buy now


Will this erase my current workflow?

Will this only work for new weddings?

No - you’re still the boss! All we do is create new preset automations, fill them with our email templates and images, change the settings to what we've found works best, so that you can add them to any weddings you like. We'll also show you how to set up a project template so those automations will be loaded automatically for each gallery.

Nope! There are automations here that you can apply to your past galleries even up to two years ago to start earning straight away.

What if I don't vibe with the way you write?

Aren't all those automations going to come across as too salesy?

I’m not precious, so don’t worry. We are all so wonderfully unique and you should be showing off YOUR personality! Fortunately, the workflow is designed to provide sales-driven structure and timing, so you can continue to make sales from your galleries years after the wedding.

So even if you go through and customise all the emails, you’ll still be benefiting from all my experience of using the right automation at the right time.

I know that's exactly how it will look when you see so many automations all in a line, but you can rest assured that these are drip fed gradually over the course of a two year period. No one is getting sent multiple promotion offers in a day. Your couples will have every opportunity and incentive now to order prints to fill their home with all the love and good vibes of their day.

How long will it take to setup?

Does this only work for wedding photographers?

The longest part will be getting access to your account. Pic-Time has recently moved to automated 2FA, which means we'll need to arrange a time where we can be online at the same time in order to access your account with your verification. Once we're in, you can expect the workflow to be installed in one to two business days.

Yes, this workflow is only for wedding photographers. If you are looking for someone to help set up your automations for your portrait photography business, we can highly recommend our friend Katrina Ferguson at