Virtual Reality Photography Workshop with Horizon Workrooms

the world's first (probably)

Virtual Reality Photography Workshop - with Horizon Workrooms

Grab your (kid's) Oculus Quest 2, sign up below, and let's have some fun!


Hey Legends! I'm Rick

I'm an Australian wedding photographer, and I will be borrowing my daughter's quest 2 to talk to you about how to take epic bridal party photos!

This is my most requested photo and it is a GUARANTEE to blow your bridal party away and all you need is one off camera flash.

What you'll learn

How to pose your bridal party

This photo only works if everyone is committed. I'll teach you how to pose them, how to find the perfect place at the venue to take the photo and what to tell the bridal party to get everyone cooperating.

how to light everyone perfectly with just one flash

All you're going to need to get this shot is one speed lite, one transmitter, and preferably one light modifier like a soft box. Having an assistant helps but isn't necessary.

How to edit the final image

Let's bring the photo together! It is actually a composition of 7 to 10 photos, so there is a bit of photoshop involved, but it's just basic masking.

When is it happening?

The Workshop will start in:

9am Melbourne Time on the 6th September, 2021

What time is that in my timezone?

how to participate:

You must have an Oculus Quest2

Horizon workrooms


1. Get your Oculus Quest2 on and download Horizon Workrooms from the Oculus App Store.

2. Go through the instructions to set up Workrooms and have a play around in the new environment.

3. Sign up to the workshop below with the same email you used to sign into Workrooms.

4. When it's time for the meeting, pop your Quest2 on and head to the Workrooms lobby, you’ll see meetings that you’re invited to on the Today tab of your workrooms menu. Select the Photography Workshop meeting to join it, or select the Photography Workshop workroom from the Rooms tab to enter it.