Show Your Strength Series: Showcasing Talent and Hard work, One VA at a time

December 15, 2023

The Show Your Strength Series (SYSS) was the firstborn of a newly assembled team within the company, the Research and Development Team. It’s a project geared towards highlighting the talent and overall awesomeness of our VAs, which could serve as inspiration for the people within the company.

Can Curiosity Really Kill?

by Hannah Barba

Our first speaker, Hannah Barba aka “Barbs”, talked about curiosity and how it was a major factor that led her to Wedding Workflows (WW). Barbs is an integral member of the company, leading both the Content Team as well as the Sales and Finance Team, and she’s the bridge between the clients and WW. Her talk entitled, “Can Curiosity Really Kill?” lit the torch on curiosity and how it’s “more than just doing or trying something new, but rather pursuing a path of growth.”

Barbs set the vibe to what the SYSS is supposed to be, nothing uptight or overly formal, just a couple of people hanging out and casually discussing topics relevant to self-improvement. She walked us through how curiosity has become a tool that’s helped her pursue her passions fearlessly and how being curious continues to be a stepping stone for her on the journey of personal development.

Burnout: Bleeding You Dry like a Godd*mn Vampire

By Sofia Go

Sofia Go then followed her lead with “Burnout: Bleeding You Dry like a Godd*mn Vampire”, a playful and ingenious way to talk about burnout, her personal history with battling it, and how to defeat it. She’s one of our legendary night shift Team Leads, a true and talented artist, with an impressive client relationship of 2 years (and counting!). With nods to pop culture (like Olivia Rodrigo’s hit song and Stephanie Meyer’s main hero), Sofia really captured everyone’s attention with her wit and creativity on how to handle quite a serious dilemma that haunts everyone, especially Virtual Assistants struggling with work-life balance.