The Ultimate Studio Ninja Workflow

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$790.00 USD

Quite simply, the most comprehensive Studio Ninja workflow founder Chris Garbacz has ever seen.

Please note: Price is in USD



Prices are in USD

This workflow has been forged over years of shooting a high volume of weddings. It contains 36 x email templates and 3 x questionnaires, along with an instructional course, my Family Photo Template download and Timeline Generator. The workflow will be installed directly into your Studio Ninja account.

After ordering, you will be redirected to an instructional page. You can also check your email for instructions on how to securely grant us access to your Studio Ninja account so that we can install it for you.

Once it is installed, you can go through all the email templates and questionnaires, personalising it as much as you wish to reveal your own voice, it’s now your workflow!

27 reviews for The Ultimate Studio Ninja Workflow

  1. Sharne perrett

    Jesus Christ! That’s insanely impressive!

    Thank you for an amazing service, you should be proud of the website too and how easy it was to set all this up, you have thought through everything SO well.

  2. Liz

    Amazing way to kickstart your studio ninja workflow! really shows how to get the best out of using studio ninja to give your clients a great experience without wasting time.

    Definitely recommend!

  3. Ashleigh Haase

    what the actual fricken heck. Speechless.

    This is fucking golden, especially for new photographers. You are literally turning any workflow from an uneducated and robotic piece of poo to hero. Immediately presents us as experienced, ‘King of the Yarra Valley’ vibes, overnight.

    Please charge more, A$AP. Easily $1000 AUD.

    Anyway, this is fucking gold mate.

    Some absolute bangers in here that I hadn’t implemented smoothly into my own biz yet, and just reiterates how important being involved in the planning process is. As photographers, we see the full day all the time so it’s so great to educate our couples with our valuable experience!

    I love the added touch of specific timeframes and inspiration on suppliers too. That was absolutely genius! I’ve been doing this through blog posts but find nobody actually reads them. Seeing how you have laid yours out in the workflow looked much cleaner so I can’t wait to see the results of that! I also had no idea you could add checkboxes and upload files to questionnaires, so that’s a winner!

    I always thought my workflow was impactful, but I definitely never thought of implementing my whole process into Studio Ninja.

    The Wedding Workflow takes what I already have and works, to a whole new level, especially with the whole workflow now IN Studio Ninja.

    Just the fricken best.

    You are the workflow master.

    My favourite part – “upload a photo of them so you can remember who the hell they are”. HAHAHA

    Keen as for your Pic-Time automation. Sign me up!!

  4. James

    What the heck man. Too good!!

    This is saving me countless hours of late nights doing emails. I’d probably be dead under a ton of admin to do after the pandemic, if it wasn’t for this.

    In 2019 I had to send my wife and son back to Korea just so I can have the personal space to do… what this workflow basically does. Looking forward to not dying or feeling like shit in the future post pandemic haha!

    Love the small tips you mentioned in the instructions too, esp with the feedbacks, questionnaires for blog&seo and album sales. I’ve found these difficult in the past, but I’m feeling much more confident now with your help.

    I’m now getting customers actually apologising to me for “being slack with comms” – when it’s the workflow just doing the comms for me.. and even the ones who had to cancel because of COVID are leaving me 5 star reviews for customer service now.

    This is nuts!

  5. Jess Prince

    I am blown away at how incredible this workflow is. It is absolutely jam packed with good ways to improve the client experience that i had just never thought of. Also, such an easy process in setting it up and implementing it. I can’t wait to get stuck into using this workflow!!

  6. Brendan

    I’ll be honest, I’m only just scratching the surface with the amount of content that’s been injected into my cRM!

    I can already tell though, this is game changing for workflow and creating an amazing experience for our clients, but most importantly… you’re giving me time.

    Time to spend with my family or just drink beer in the sun while my workflow does it all for me! Great work Rick. Had it for about 3 hours and love it already!

  7. Ana

    Absolute Game changer!
    Thank you so much for creating this epic piece of wizardry!
    Rick’s personalised help and willingness to answer questions and make suggestions is truly valuable. I Thought of my business as having a pretty sweet client workflow, but Rick’s super juiced up workflow put mine to shame! Pay the money people, it’s worth every cent

  8. Glen Nicholls

    Far. Out!

    Mate, this is absolutely fucking epic.

    This whole Studio Ninja workflow setup is a GAME CHANGER as it sits right now, let alone once I go through and personalise it further with my own personal voicing.

    The additional value this is going to add for my couples is insannnneeeeee!

  9. Rachael

    In my 6 years as a wedding photographer this is easily one of the best INVESTMENTs ive made. As a busy mUm of two BEAUTIFUL little people, putting the timE into creatIng Good workflows has been put aside (crazy becauSe its what i needed the most).
    I loooooved that eVerything was set up for me! And the ADDITIONAL tips and Advice rick Gave me Have been total game changers, both to my time and more IMPORTANTLY the EXPERIENCE im able to offer my clients.
    Ive tried a few templates in the past, but nothing has felt as honest and INFORMATIVE as this. And You wont need to spend too much time at all making these your own.
    On top of this ive also Began working wIth One of wedding workflows va’s and Can aLso highly RECOMMEND.
    So graTeful, and couldnt RECOMMEND more, thanks Ww team!

  10. Steve

    blown away – the workflow is 100% absolutely awesome and just ties everything together! Very impressed would be an understatement and categorically, money well spent. definately recommend to anyone looking to lift their customer relationship game.

  11. Emma Faith

    Thank you so much for this workflow Rick, I can’t wait to dive into all the little gems! I’m no stranger to studio ninja, but I took it as far as I could with my own limited knowledge. All the insights you provide are so valuable, I’ve learnt so much already! The few emails I’ve implemented have already helped my couples wedding days run more smoothly. Can’t wait to help every couple have better wedding days thanks to this workflow, and weddings that now make my work life just that bit smoother haha!

  12. time with alex

    I GOT A NEW LEAD LAST WEEK, SENT OUT THE LEAD RESPONSE FROM THE WORKFLOW AND THEY BOOKED WITHIN 24 HOURS. WHAT A JOKE. THE GOOD KIND. EASY EASY MONEY. THE NEW JOB HAS ALREADY PAID FOR THE COST OF THE WORKFLOW IN LESS THAN A WEEK. I’ve sent it off to 5 other couples since then and 3 have booked in meetings with me, with very little effort on my part. this workflow is so so so sooooooo dang good. an absolute game changer in my business. i’ve even changed all my existing clients onto this new workflow and have been getting some excellent feedback from them about it all too. so stoked. youre a magician sir. thanks for changing my business for the freakin better! and yes, charge more for this. its worth its weight in gold.

  13. Rhiley – Dualpixel weddings

    This workflow is next level!!! It has helped us take our business to the Next level. With bookings coming in quickly wedding workflows has allowed us to better manage clients, give them a better experIence and get more done on a day to day bases. CouLdnt Recommend this service highly enough!!

  14. Sam WYPER

    i freaking loooooooove my SN workflow. I’ve had couples messaging me just to say how happy they are with the extra tips and advice i can now offer. this has been so great for building the client/trust relationship.
    There are also so many genius elements rick has put together to help save time on my end and make my processes so much more efficient and client friendly, not to mention the new vendor app which is seriously revolutionary!
    this is by far one of the best purchases i have made for my business.
    and i can’t wait for the pic time workflow!
    seriously, if there is anything you need to buy for your business in 2022, then get on to rick liston’s workflows. they will do much more for your business thatn any new lens could offer!

  15. Lei Lei Clavey

    I’m so happy with these rick! Thank you for offering this. client experience and workflows are one thing I wanted to improve on but didn’t know where to start so these made my life so much easier! I have been getting great feedback from couples since I implemented the wedding workflows that they feel i am so organised which is great to hear:D
    I recommend these 100% for others struggling with setting up your own or lacking the time to do a good job of it. Rick does all the thinking for you and while you do need to tweak to match your brand, they are so so worth it! Thanks again rick for making my business life so much easier!

  16. Victor

    This workflow is amazing. Definitely the best way to bring my customer service to the next level. A huge amount of time saved too. The workflow will easily pay for itself.

  17. Alexis Springer

    I recently migrated to studio ninja and was overwhelmed with moving everything over and setting up new workflows, all while rebranding. I found Rick’s wedding workflows and invested immediately. iT WAS SET UP LIGHTNING FAST AND ALLOWED ME TO FOCUS ON THE OTHER PARTS OF MOVING EVERYTHING OVER. 10/10 RECOMMEND!

  18. Briars Atlas

    As freelance or studio photographers, there’s only becoming more and more heavy demands on our time. Keeping up with Instagram reels, vendor relationships, website updates and more – and the list isn’t getting any smaller. And somewhere in there, it’s becoming more important to elevate the level of care we give to our current clients.

    Workflow is a huge part of that, and Rick has done us all a favour and made a Studio Ninja workflow that frankly, blew my socks off. And I suspect the echo of it’s brilliance will blow tomorrows off as well. Socks be damned. This workflow has not only quadrupled my individual client touch-points, but its reduced the time that I need to spend setting them up and making them feel safe, to a fraction of what I was spending before. Not only that, but the custom workflows made for every type of couple that you can imagine, speaks directly to them.

    Rick is some mad stroke of genius, and this workflow will pay for itself the very first time one of your couples interacts with it. Thanks mate!

  19. Marcos Sánchez

    I’ve been a wedding photographer for over 10 years now, and even though I had a workflow that works I was intrigued when I learned about Rick’s wedding workflow. I was frickin’ blown away with the amount of detail that it goes through to take care of your clients. I started using it and I’ve seen my client’s appreciation of me gone over the moon. so I guess it’s weird because they’re actually in love with Rick, haha! I can’t wait for the whole season to be over and see how it will impact my business in the long term, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be incredible. For the time being, it’s making the booking process more effective, and the clients relationship way better, they are taken care of from the start in a way I didn’t even know was possible. So thanks a lot, Rick, you are awesome and the Wedding Workflow is a MUST in any working wedding photographer…

  20. Victoria Baker


  21. Jimmy Raper

    Rick these workflows have been such a game-changer, thanks so much mate. I have spent so much less time going back and forth with clients over timings and minor details about the day.

  22. Kelly williams

    These workflows are a game-changer, I thought i had a great workflow prior to getting these but they have really upped my game! the feedback that i’ve had from my couples after the emails have been going out is insane, i wish i had had these from the start!

  23. Ant Jolliffe

    Rick this is fantastic – thanks ever so much. I’m just finished building a new website and can’t wait to get it all working together over the next week or so.

    There’s so much to dive into and it’s so comprehensive – thanks!

  24. Samantha Lim

    brilliant…friggen brilliant!! Rick you are a LEGEND! The wedding workflow has fit seamlessly into my studio ninja. these two powerhouse combinations have not only made the process easier and faster but a shit tonne more professional to clients.

    add the vendor app and its just one more incredible way of offering more to clients and making connections with vendors.

    but it doesn’t stop there, not only are the workflow and the app epic, the way you present the new workflow and the instructional videos for the products are easy to understand and simple to follow.

    it took me a little while to decide to invest in my business with this product and i am so glad that my 4am decision to go ahead happened……i was having literal sleepless nights wondering what i could do to streamline my process.

    thank you so much Rick!

  25. Jennifer Cruz

    Impressive! Thank you so much for the comprehensive workflows and guide.<3

    We also got Rick's Pic-time workflow and we've been getting sales already even when we've just activated it a couple of weeks ago.

    Thanks, Rick!

  26. tim elwood

    A great boost to my start of the year getting it done rather than “thinking about it” is a great feeling love the product and service a great way of working
    Thanks for your help
    Tim Elwood
    Durham UK

  27. Jinal Govind

    I attended the Workflow Masterclass hosted by Rick and was mind blown by the knowledge he shared. It was so fk’n awesome to see how to improve our couples experience from an inquiry all the way through to delivery. It was a no brainer to invest into the Wedding Workflows and it has been an absolute game changer. It has streamlined my biz, I’ve had more bookings annnd I feel stoked to be able to give my couples the best experience and for them to feel they are in the right hands!!!! Also the bonus vendor app is bloody genius! Thanks Rick & Team!!!

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