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Just follow the steps below and you'll be on your way to raising the roof on your earnings per wedding just by clicking a few buttons.

Set up Last Pass


Watch the video below on how to set up a free Last Pass account, add your Pic-Time login details, and share it securely with so we can access your account and install your workflow without ever seeing your password!

Enter this link in the URL section on Last Pass:

Please note: You can revoke our access at any time within Last Pass

Set up last pass

Fill out the onboarding form


If you could please fill out this onboarding form, we'll be able to pre-fill your workflow with your personal preferences.

Wait for us to install your workflow


Once you've granted us access to your Pic-Time account and submitted your onboarding form, we will begin the installation process of your workflow. This is a laborious process, adding automations, changing settings, pasting email templates, adding imagery.

Expect to hear from us within four business days to let you know it has been completed.

view the training course


We built a training course to familiarise yourself with your new workflow. We'll send you the link when your workflow installation is finished and ready to customise.

While the workflow is designed to be used straight away, I encourage you to edit the email templates using your own voice so your personality shines through.

Then you're good to go to start earning those sweet, sweet, dollar dollar bills!

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I would absolutely love to hear your feedback on your experience using the workflow. With your help, we can make this the best wedding workflow on the planet. I will hear you and I will be super grateful to learn from your invaluable insight.

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