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The Pic-Time Atkins Lab Store Setup Service

Have you been dying to add the beautiful Atkins Lab custom products into your Pic-Time store but can never seem to find the time? Let us do it for you!


Pic-Time Wedding Workflow


How many more sales could you make when your couples see something in your store they SIMPLY MUST HAVE?

You remember that feeling when you first laid your eyes on those gorgeous Atkins Lab products? You probably couldn't wait to fill your own home with handmade prints and floating frames. I know I did. Now they're all over my house.

That's exactly how your couples will feel when they see their faces in Atkins products in your store.

Your photos, their memories, relived every day.

This works for you if:


How many of the photos you take actually end up in the hearts and homes of your couples? We lost something going digital, didn't we? The loved printed photo is still the ultimate end game for our art.

you hate setting up products in pic-time

So many product photos to customise, descriptions to write, forms to create, sizes to enter and prices to decide on. That's a big enough barrier to simply never do it. Take the shortcut and get it done, hassle free.

You want to earn more print sales

When you start getting these irresistible Atkins products into the hands of your couples, a few things happen. Everyone they know sees them and wants them. You share photos of the products in homes, and couples build desire for them. You make more sales. Simple.

Chris Garbacz Studio Ninja Founder and CEO

This is what Studio Ninja Founder, Chris Garbacz has to say

"Rick's workflow is hands down the best I've seen on my platform for wedding photographers. He's using our software in a way that maximises what it's designed for - saving time while taking care of your clients and of yourself."

What You'll Get


We will install and set up the 7 killer automated campaigns and coupons directly into your Pic-Time account that will supercharge your post wedding sales workflow.


You will receive access to a training course where I will walk you through everything you need to know about each automation, how to use them and when.

Email templates

Each automation comes complete with our own custom email templates, pre-installed into your workflow. Feel free to go over them yourself and insert your own voice, but these are ready to go.


Let your couples visualise just how amazing your products will look in their homes and in their hearts with our gorgeous custom images that will automatically load photos from your couples' gallery into the products themselves.

i NEED this

What's Included


framed and matted fine art prints

This is the kind of frame that will hang anywhere and look like it has always been there.


School map style canvas print featuring wood dowel and ribbon

Inspired by vintage school maps, these prints are a high impact, low cost package of gorgeousness.


Framed fine art print floating in Acrylic

A floating dream of perfection. The print will have its edges hand torn then floated in between two pieces of acrylic.


Framed and matted, hand torn fine art prints

This style of print offers an inventive way to translate the tactile magic of art paper to those who can not touch it. By carefully tearing the edge and float mounting it, so everyone gets drawn into the experience.


Acrylic free, fine art canvas framed to perfection

Take the classic Canvas to another level. Acrylic free, fine art canvas framed to perfection.


Framed handmade paper print

This new product is a world exclusive. No other lab is printing on this kind of paper.


Solid brass or aged steel handmade desktop calendars

Solid brass or aged steel desktop calendars are made by hand in Adelaide by local craftspeople. It’s a beautiful big chunk of vintage style glory.


Prints on a solid brass hanger with a vintage finish

The ultimate wall calendar. Huge prints on a beautiful re-useable hand made solid brass hanger. Carefully designed, sourced and made in little old Adelaide by local crafts people by hand, it’s all you could want.

The PIC-TIME Atkins Lab Store Setup

Don't post another wedding without giving your couples the option to order a one of a kind product from Atkins Lab. Earning more sales for you, and getting your work into the hearts and homes of your couples where it belongs.

includes these atkins products along with our recommended pricing and options

• elizabeth
• isabel
• foundry

• smithy

• Anna
• Erika
• Marilyn
• Rose

All for:


$290 USD

Our 'Love your new setup or your Money Back, No Hassle, 90 Day Guarantee'

The Pic-Time Atkins Lab Setup comes with a 90 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

• You will make more print sales thanks to offering better options with better margins.

• You will get more Atkins products into your couples homes.

• Your new store will save you a mountain of time from needing to set it all up yourself, all in one painless installation directly into your Pic-Time account that is done for you.

You will be over the moon with what we've done for you or we will make it right. Guaranteed.

"I take your business very seriously and you have my personal promise.

If you feel that we have not transformed your Pic-Time store from a soulless experience into a beautiful storefront filled with drool-worthy products, just tell us at and we'll give you a complete refund.

If you aren't satisfied. We refuse to keep your money.

Just to be clear, There are absolutely no strings attached. No forms to fill out. Nothing to prove. We'll even let you keep the store setup. That's how confident I am in this service."

Wedding Workflows App


Included with every Setup is access to the NEW...

Vendor Details App!

Are you asking your couples to fill out all these details of their Vendors?

• Business Name

• Website

• Instagram Handle

• Email Address


How can I solve that?

With an Online Database 🤓

So your couples just need to type the business name, and the rest will auto-populate.


Alright, that's sick. But what does it do for me?

Hold my beer 🍺

Website, Instagram and Email vendor details done in 15 secs.


Standalone Online App

So it will work on any computer

What else?

custom domain

So your couples will see

customizable colors

To match your branding

Are you struggling to make post-wedding sales?

Are you spending all this time and energy taking and delivering photos that never get printed?

Have you tried adding custom products but just never finished it because it was too big of a pain in the ass?

If you’ve decided you’ll get this one day, better to get it today and give your couples the options of showcasing your work in their homes like a billboard NOW.

Oli Sansom

"this workflow will pay for itself the very first time one of your couples interacts with it"

"As freelance or studio photographers, there’s only becoming more and more heavy demands on our time. Keeping up with Instagram reels, vendor relationships, website updates and more - and the list isn’t getting any smaller. And somewhere in there, it’s becoming more important to elevate the level of care we give to our current clients.

Workflow is a huge part of that, and  Rick has done us all a favour and made a Studio Ninja workflow that frankly, blew my socks off. And I suspect the echo of it’s brilliance will blow tomorrows off as well. Socks be damned. This workflow has not only quadrupled my individual client touch-points, but its reduced the time that I need to spend setting them up and making them feel safe, to a fraction of what I was spending before. Not only that, but the custom workflows made for every type of couple that you can imagine, speaks directly to them.

Rick is some mad stroke of genius, and this workflow will pay for itself the very first time one of your couples interacts with it. Thanks mate!"

Oli Sansom

Briars Atlas / Melbourne, Australia

The Process

Get set up in a flash




we install the custom products

SHARE ACCESS TO YOUR Pic-time acc0unt


We’ll install all the mentioned Atkins Lab custom products, uploading the custom images, adding the forms and descriptions, then entering our recommended size options and prices.

Once you’ve purchased the setup, you'll be sent to a step-by-step guide on how to set up LastPass. This is the most secure way to grant us access to your account without sharing your password.

It’s ready - Yewww! Customise the prices to your heart’s delight or leave it as is, have a poke around and adjust whatever else you see fit. Cheers to happy days, down a drink or two.




Ashleigh Haase

James Hirata

Ana Galloway

Absolute Game changer!
Thank you so much for creating this epic piece of wizardry!
I Thought of my business as having a pretty sweet client workflow, but Rick’s super juiced up workflow put mine to shame! Pay the money people, it’s worth every cent.

What the actual fricken heck. Speechless.

This is fucking golden, especially for new photographers. You are literally turning any workflow from an uneducated and robotic piece of poo to hero.

Please charge more, A$AP.

What the heck man. Too good!!

This is saving me countless hours of late nights doing emails. I’d probably be dead under a ton of admin to do after the pandemic, if it wasn’t for this.

This is nuts!

Anyone can improve their client journey using The Ultimate Studio Ninja Workflow.

I've shown you that it works for me, works for others and it will work for you too.

You know that with the 90 days, no way to lose, money back guarantee, you are 100% completely protected and safe.

Here's what you and I both know:

Your couples will go on a client journey with you and they will certainly arrive.

The question is, where?

That's your decision to make,

right now.

Ready to level up?

Let’s do it

I can’t wait to give my photos the love they deserve by getting them printed onto the best quality products in the country

buy now


Are all the sizes of each product included?

Does it include Albums?

No, the confused mind never buys. I didn't want to offer every size option as it's just too many for your couples to choose from, so I have stuck with the square and 2:3 ratio options.

We have not included albums in this service as the options for albums are just too broad to be able to make it one size fits all. You can also add Atkins Lab albums natively within Pic-Time to be auto-fulfilled.

Will the couples' photos show up inside the product photos?

What kind of mark up do you add to the cost price?

For the main product images in the store, yes. The images in the product information won't change as that option is not available, but you are welcome to use the photos as is. I have tried my best to include photos that could have been taken anywhere.

In general, I start with a 200% mark-up on top of the cost price, plus an additional 25% to account for the fact that most products will be purchased during a 20% off sale. I then do some rounding to make it more attractive, and introduce a sliding scale as the items get more expensive to make sure they are still reasonable.