How to create a Custom Domain

What is a custom domain?

A custom domain helps us brand the URLs that we send to our clients. It’s the difference between a link that looks like this:

from one that looks like this:

We do this by creating what’s called a CNAME record.

What’s a CNAME record?

A CNAME record tells your domain provider to add the “vendors.” in “” and to redirect it to your account.

(You can see that we created a CNAME record for for our app)

What’s a domain provider?

Your domain provider is most likely the same company who host your website. I don’t mean wordpress or showit, I mean the company you probably purchased your domain name through eg. Go Daddy, Crazy Domains, Siteground, Squarespace etc.

Ok, now how do I make the custom domain?

Here are some instructions we’ve put together of how to add a CNAME record with some common Domain Providers


Crazy Domains




What if my domain provider isn’t listed above?

There are thousands of domain providers out there, so we can’t list them all, but the process is usually quite similar

Login to your account on your Domain Provider website

Select the domain name for your photography business eg

Look for anything that says DNS and click it eg. “DNS settings” “Manage DNS” “DNS zone editor”

Add a new record

Select CNAME as the type of record

There should be three fields, one where you can add a name, one where you can add a URL and a TTL field

In the Name field, put what you want to come before your domain name eg. “vendors” “app” “suppliers”

In the URL field, enter the URL that you find in your settings here

Leave the TTL as the default value and click Save

Now enter in your new custom domain in your settings here

Wait a few hours and then test this link to see if it has propagated

Once that link works, Congratulations! You’ve created your custom domain. Now your URLs from the Wedding Workflows app will be branded and beautiful!