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How to automate your Imagen AI Workflow

December 12, 2023

See my automated Imagen AI workflow in action

What will this workflow achieve?

To my knowledge, this is the only workflow that will allow you to perform the following actions all in one process, while you sleep.

  1. Ingest memory cards into Lightroom
  2. Back up to a secondary drive
  3. Build Smart Previews
  4. Perform AI culling with Imagen AI
  5. Perfom AI editing with Imagen AI
  6. Save all metadata to Lightroom
  7. Open up Lightroom ready to review all culled and edited images.

The transformative effect of AI in streamlining and enhancing our editing tasks is something we deeply appreciate. This significant reduction in time spent editing has not only benefited our businesses but has also enriched our roles as parents, partners, and friends by giving us more time to dedicate to these important aspects of our lives.

If you’re like me, you don’t want to be wasting any of your time that you’ll never get back doing things that could either be outsourced or automated.

As efficient as Imagen AI already is, I wanted to automate the whole culling and editing process so that it works for me while I sleep, which anyone (with a mac) can do with the following steps.

The software you'll need

Keyboard maestro (Mac only)

This is the automation software that will power the workflow. You can download it from here:

Install it and grant the permissions necessary.

Imagen AI Workflow

Adobe Lightroom Classic

You’ll need a subscription to Adobe Lightroom Classic, although I can’t see why this workflow wouldn’t also work with Capture One.

imagen ai

You’ll need to have signed up for an account but this will still work even if you haven't built your own profile yet. You can use one of the amazing Talent Profiles until you're ready with your own.

Imagen AI Workflow

Don't have imagen ai yet?

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Here we go

How to create your own Automated Imagen AI Workflow

Here’s the great news, I built this automation with you in mind so that rather than going through the frustrating task of building it yourself, you can just use mine.

I have tested this on different computers and monitors and it works! That’s not to say it definitely will for you, but it’s going to be a lot easier adjusting this pre-built one than starting from scratch on your own.

You’ll have to start by downloading and installing Keyboard Maestro

After installing it, you’ll need to grant the necessary permissions.



Now CLICK HERE to download my Macro, open it, then enable it in Keyboard Maestro.


Imagen Workflow

Open up Imagen AI and create a new project and select your scene.


Imagen AI Workflow


Now open up Lightroom

  • Import the images from your cards
  • Back them up to a secondary drive
  • Click build smart previews
  • Import.


Imagen AI Workflow


Now it’s time to run your automation!

You can either run it by typing in the hot key that I set which is Command + Option + Control + I or you can click into the Keyboard Maestro app and select ‘Run’ at the top.

Imagen AI Workflow


The first trigger in the automated workflow is to wait for the smart previews to finish building. Once it finishes, a prompt will appear on the screen letting you know the smart previews have been built, which the automation will detect and begin creating your Imagen Project.


Tips to keep in mind

  1. If you do not build smart previews, you will need to figure out another trigger to start the Imagen Project
  2. Test the automation first with only a handful of photos which makes the process a lot faster.
  3. If you want to ingest multiple cards, use multiple card readers so you can ingest them all at once.
  4. Since Imagen remembers some of your settings, it’s going to help if you have culled and edited a project before, as your ‘crop and straighten’ settings will be remembered and any “don’t show this message again” prompts will have already been dismissed.
  5. Enjoy! This is a learning experience for creating your own automations. Think about what else you do that is always the same procedure but which takes time and that you’d love to create an automation for.

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