WOW! We were expecting a great response from this offer but we've been blown away! We'll be installing workflows for weeks 🙈🤣.

We just wanted to give a huge shoutout to everyone who jumped on board the offer and are now running their businesses with the #1 wedding workflow on the planet!



Trial the #1 Wedding Workflow in the world for just $1

If after THREE MONTHS you decide it hasn't added $790USD of value to your business, we will uninstall it for you free of charge, no questions asked.

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Why hundreds of photographers love this workflow

Why on Earth are we doing this?

The deal has ended

Chris Garbacz Studio Ninja Founder and CEO

This is what Studio Ninja Founder, Chris Garbacz has to say

"Rick's workflow is hands down the best I've seen on my platform for wedding photographers.

He's using our software in a way that maximises what it's designed for - saving time while taking care of your clients and of yourself."

What you'll receive in your $1 trial

Automated Workflow

Running your client journey on auto-pilot. Answering questions before your couples have a chance to ask them builds their trust in you and saves you time.

36 x Email Templates

Containing over 5000 words of highly engaging and emotive emails to demonstrate your value, get you booked and proactively solve your clients’ problems.

3 x Questionnaires

Finessed to perfection - after years of painful deliberation and back-and-forth refining - to save you the guesswork.

PLUS our in-depth Ultimate Studio Ninja Workflow Course

That will teach you:

- How and when to use every email and questionnaire

- How to sell leads you're already booked for

- How to get display albums into venues

- How to get other vendors to LOVE and recommend you

- How to avoid getting ghosted

- How to maximise your print sales

the deal has ended

Wedding Workflows App


Included with every Workflow is access to the NEW...

Vendor Details App!

Websites, instagram handles and email address... done in 15 seconds.

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How can I solve that?

With an Online Database 🤓

So your couples just need to type the business name, and the rest will auto-populate.


Alright, that kills. But what does it do for me?

Hold my beer 🍺

Website, Instagram and Email vendor details done in 15 secs.


Standalone Online App

So it will work on any computer

What else?

custom domain

So your couples will see

customizable colors

To match your branding

The Process




Get to know and love your new workflow over three months

you decide if it's worth it

Start your $1 Trial and we install your workflow

When the three month trial is nearly up, we'll contact you to check in with how it went. If you decide that it is not worth the $790 price tag, we will uninstall it for you, free of charge.

Review the Workflow Course and get familiar with your new workflow. Customise it however you'd like to add your own voice and brand. Enjoy the impact it makes on your client journey.

Once you start your $1 trial, we will get to work installing your workflow directly into your Studio Ninja account. This is a long, manual process but we'll update you as soon as its finished.

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Start the Trial for $1


What have you got to lose?

Trial the #1 wedding workflow in the world, for just $1.

Don't miss out.

Start the trial for $1


Will this erase my current workflow?

Will this only work for new weddings?

No - you’re still the boss! All we do is create new email templates, questionnaires and workflows, with zero disruption to anything you may already have.

If there’s anything in your current workflow that you’d love to add to your new one, it’s super easy to do and you can refer to the instructional video.

Nope! You can apply your new workflow to existing bookings. Even weddings coming up on the weekend will benefit from the email sequence and follow-up process.

You can also apply the Review template and Follow-Up questionnaire to past clients. Pretty slick, hey?

Is this workflow compatible with other CRMs?

What if I don't vibe with the way you write?

It’s currently built for Studio Ninja but I’m working hard to create alternative installation solutions for other CRMs. Sign up to my mailing list to be the first to know!

Alternatively, you can grab the downloadable PDF and manually add it to your CRM.

I’m not precious, so don’t worry. We are all so wonderfully unique and you should be showing off YOUR personality! Fortunately, the workflow is designed to provide forward-thinking structure and planning, so you can show up wholeheartedly for your clients.

So even if you go through and customise all the emails, you’ll still be benefiting from all my experience of crafting the right information at the right time, in the most easy-to-use format.