Updates to the Vendor Details App

Here's a list of the recent changes

1. One link to rule them all.

When we launched the app, it came with a bot that would trawl through Studio Ninja’s jobs and place a unique link into a Vendor Details email in the workflow. This proved very difficult to troubleshoot across the different computers, chips and operating systems so we needed a new solution.

You will now find a link in your Settings called ‘Public Create Event Page’

You can add this one link into your automated workflow. For those using our Studio Ninja Workflow, you can add it to the Vendor Details email.

This link takes your couples to a page where they first enter their details which creates an event for you, saving you from having to do it yourself manually for every wedding.

It automatically adopts your colour scheme from the vendor details form.

NOTE Before you use this link, you may want to create your own custom domain if you haven’t already.


2. You or your couples can now edit the list after submission.

Once your couples click submit on their vendor details form, they will be sent an email with the instagram handles of their vendors to encourage them to list everyone when they eventually post to their socials (once less headache for them).

They will also receive a link to edit the vendor details if anything changes.

We felt it was important for them to have an easy place to see which vendor details they entered along with how to edit it so they don’t have to bother you with making the changes yourself.

It’s also easier for you to make any changes, as there is a new ‘Edit Vendor Details’ button under the Submitted Successfully popup.


3. Change default order of vendors

Thanks to your suggestions that not everyone’s default order of vendor details is the same as mine 🤦‍♂️ you are now able to choose your own order!

Just go to your Settings > Workflow Form Customisation > Configure > “Reorder default list by dragging the arrows” > Click the Pencil on the right of the screen > Save Changes


4. Vendors saved on page refresh and over time

Thank you to those of you who let us know of an issue where the vendor list would revert to empty if not submitted in a long time. We’ve fixed this so it should save the entered details.


Thank you!

We really appreciate everyone who has helped to improve the app with your suggestions and reported issues, especially as you’ve done it in such a constructive way. Thank you so much for the support!