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Wedding Photographer

Workflow Fanatic

I am incredibly grateful to make a living by spending time with legends on the best day of their lives, creating joyful art that will follow them for a lifetime. Not just a job, it’s an adventure that never ends.

Forever obsessed with exploring innovative ways to work with purpose. It’s about preserving your time and creative energy for the breadwinning areas while automating and outsourcing the laborious tasks that prevent you from doing so.

The biggest role I live for, the one that fuels the fire for the other two roles. Speaking of fire, have you ever lived with two Spanish women?

These girls are my world, keeping my word to be an attentive husband to my wife Nadia and a present dad to our munchkin Vedra Jade.

Father & Husband

Truly blessed to have these two beauties in my life. This is what it’s all about. Less tasks. More them.

With love, Rick Liston

Your workflow fanatic, wedding Photographer and family man.

Spilling the whisky... just ‘cos.

I actually have a degree

I'm obsessed with:

In Accounting

Buying stuff I don't use

Nothing makes me happier than

My favorite person is

Seeing Vedra grow up

My daughter, Vedra

I’m addicted to

I started this business

Carrot cake

During lockdown

my favourite sport is

My perfect hobby

Mixed Netball

Freediving in Ibiza

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Co Chief of Operations

Co Chief of Operations





I love working with Rick because he always leads by example, helping me realize the kind of person I want to become and encouraging me to have faith in myself. I also enjoy working alongside all of our WW clients because they, too, help me grow as a person.

Rick trusts and gives us the space to explore our ideas, and also encourages us to believe in ourselves and our capabilities. I don’t think I would have grown so much if not for Rick! I’m also always in awe of the team, and their dedication to not only doing great work, but enjoying it too!

I am truly blessed to be a part of this team. Having faith and trust in my first ever VA, Christine, was the most pivotal business decision I ever made and growing the team has been rewarding far beyond anything I could have imagined.

Team Lead

Team Lead

Team Lead




Working with Andrew from Bottlebrush Films was an absolute blast! He discovered a hidden talent in me and trusted me with his awesome side hustle. Thanks to Andrew, my mentor, I've become an awesome VA and TL. Now I'm working with his good friend Alysha who has been nothing but a very amazing and fun person to work with!

I love working with Ana Galloway because with her, it does not feel like working! She pushes me to do better and is always patient when I learn new things. Being a Team Lead makes me confident and trust in what I'm capable of. I also love how I get to talk with my fellow VAs and get to learn what they do inside and outside of work.

I've grown so much here! My clients have such incredible work ethic, and they are truly inspiring! I feel very lucky to have their guidance and learn from them. As a Team Lead, I'm also glad to have the chance to foster a positive work environment to help the VAs have a meaningful time here in the company.

Team Lead

Team Lead

Team Lead




I love working with my clients Sally Shaw and Matthew Greer, as they both bring unique perspectives that enrich my experience. Witnessing their growth and successes is a constant source of inspiration and joy for me.

Everyday is an opportunity to be inspired when working with Kate - never in my life have I been met with such passion that’s always been evident in her work. To be able to experience and see behind the scenes is surreal!

Liz and I have established a routine, which really built good dynamics when working with one another. I’m so happy to work with her! With Caity&Duncan, I’m so thrilled to be working with them! I can really feel their trust in me, which makes me so confident in doing my job for them.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Photo editor




I'm always more inclined to do things behind the scenes. Helping people manage their tasks and shrink their backlogs satisfy that need, and I'm happy I can also be part of their success. I love the feeling of being able to contribute to the team's objectives with my research and productivity.

Working in Wedding Workflows has not only given me a lot of learning opportunities but it has also allowed me to cultivate friendships with my clients and my fellow VAs. It's so refreshing to work in a company where our well-being is consistently prioritized and our opinions are always heard!

As a wedding photo editor, I appreciate my clients' trust in my attention to detail and ability to adapt to their unique photography style. Building a collaborative environment with photographers who share the same working values as me allows me to thrive and pour my creativity when post-processing wedding photos.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant




I love seeing Jake's photos. I get to learn the different styles of different weddings. And I am always in awe of wedding photography, seeing Jake's creativity, and the story that he tells from the photos that he captures.

What I love about working with my wonderful clients is the opportunity to make their lives easier and contribute to the growth of their businesses. I really enjoy being part of the creative process and bringing my own ideas to the table. There's a special satisfaction in playing a role that makes someone's wedding day truly memorable.

I love working with Tanya because it always feels like I'm working 'with' them and not working 'for' them. I love how they listen to me and how they value my opinion even on things that they are already really good at.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant




Scott (SMJ Photography), Tara and Arlia (Dancing With Her Magazine) have been the sweetest and kindest people. Ever since I started working with them, I get to learn from their different processes as well as unleash my creative freedom! It’s so fulfilling to collaborate with these individuals who resonate with my values—a joy to work with!

Working with Michelle and Hemi makes me look forward to going to work every day. With them, I am a part of the team; they always provide me with opportunities to continuously grow and flourish. They make me feel heard and always show me they appreciate me and what I do.

Working at WW is amazing because I get to help Kerstin with her wedding photography business. It's incredibly rewarding to be able to contribute to her success while she does what she loves! I am also grateful to be surrounded by supportive colleagues and an incredible CEO who allows me to have a good work-life balance!


Virtual assistant





Since day one, Oli and Steph have been so supportive and understanding of me, creating an environment where I feel valued and inspired. Their outstanding work ethic and dedication to delivering top-notch services to their clients motivate me to give my best daily. Being part of their journey is truly fulfilling!

My fave accomplishment as a VA so far has been consistently achieving results that not only meet but go beyond my clients' expectations. I love working with Josh and Together Journal because they enable me to unleash my abilities fully. Their genuine kindness and personalities create a delightful and productive work environment.

Working with different clients for over a year has opened doors to experiences I never imagined. I get to provide great service, and their trust has boosted my confidence in handling diverse tasks. Their patience is invaluable, and I cherish the ability to share my insights while feeling genuinely appreciated and valued in the process.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant




I love working with Brendan because I get to take part in his mission of immortalising one of the most momentous events in people's lives through high-quality photos and videos. Most importantly, he is such a kind, upbeat, and optimistic person. It truly is such a blessing to have a client like him who values my efforts and dedication.

I love working with Together Journal because of the amazing work environment I get to be a part of. My team members over at TJ are also some of the most supportive and loveliest people I've ever met.

Lei Lei and Kevin are incredibly talented photographers who can capture moments. Their creativity, attention to detail, and passion for their craft are apparent in every shot they take. I feel immensely fortunate to work with them and am grateful for the incredible opportunity to witness their extraordinary skills firsthand.







I just love working with James and Kellie, there is a great balance between the tasks I work on and it is nice how everything's organized. They both are such good people and we really vibe with each other. They put their all into their work which makes me want to do the same!

Working with Sam and Kate is amazing because I get to see the world from different perspectives, through their lenses. They are both kind and positive, people you'll never get tired of working with. I think it's really cool how they are able to tell a couple's love story without words.

What I love about working with Dan, Victoria, and at the company is that, as a newbie in the industry, I felt truly heard, seen, and appreciated. Everyone's trust and belief in my abilities allowed me to grow without pressure, and I’ve built genuine connections with both clients and fellow VAs, making me feel so welcome.




What I love most about working with our clients is building relationships and their willingness to guide me in grasping their business visions clearly. I value the collaborative atmosphere at WW, which eases the loneliness (sometimes) that can come with being a VA and allows for enjoyable exchanges of fresh ideas with teammates.